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Don't let words fool you or others

MarketingPosted by Pascal Oetiker Thu, February 28, 2013 11:06:31
One of the things I ran into recently was confusion over the meaning of words. Not just any words. Words that marketing people like to use to indicate they know what they are talking about. You know, the typical secret language that specialists in all kinds of disciplines use. The language that distinguishes them from the 'normal' or lesser people.

So, it turns out that even these marketing super gods don't always see eye-to-eye on the meaning of their super secret divine language.

An example of this is the long discussion that I had with a few of my colleagues the other day, about what we actually refer to when we talk about content strategy, content strategists, and content governance. The outcome of this discussion could have had a significant impact to the person that we would task with the role of content strategist.

Fortunately, we ironed out our differences and nobody lost an eye but… be warned when you set up a meeting to discuss a topic and ensure everyone knows what you mean by the topic. You may want to ASK them, just like you would ask your buyers, ;-)

Don't just assume that your interpretation of the super cool-and-secret language is correct or universal. I guess again, it's better to listen first than to just start talking and get others confused. My take on using these words is: don't, until you are certain everyone is aligned. Just call things what they are and life will be easier. It might even help you get better alignment with your sales folks.